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Clover Club

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"A gentleman's agreement." 

The original Clover Club was said to have been created in honour of the “Clover Club” a gentleman’s club in Philadelphia, a popular hangout for writers, lawyers and elite powers which pre dated the prohibition period.

Like many a classic, it fell out of favour for many years before it was given a new lease of life in recent years. Some versions include grenadine along with lemon & egg white’s while others opt for a raspberry syrup instead.

We at Axis like both, so to commemorate 2 fine examples of Gin Sour wizardry we created a signature cordial which includes pomegranate, raspberry, lime and pineapple to give a tropical riff to this silky smooth concoction.


Plymouth Gin
Lillet Blanc
Clover Club Cordial
Pomegranate | Raspberry | Pineapple |  Lime Juice


ABV 12.4%
UNITS 1.5 per 120ml
Best served chilled (0-4*)
Volume 120ml

No added colours or preservatives


  • Store me in the freezer for up to 2 hours for optimal taste
  • Keep refrigerated if you want to enjoy me later
  • Shake me in the bag before use
  • Cut the corners of the bag
  • Pour me in your favourite glass
  • Decorate the cocktail with the tasty garnish included